Let’s talk about hair, skin care, nails, and everything else that has to do with natural beauty.

I decided to go natural in July of 2007. I have always wanted to do it but I was very skeptical about how it would turn out. But after so many bad experiences with perms and all the chemicals that come with getting relaxed styles, my hair and I came to a conclusion that enough was enough.

I started out trying different transitional styles because I was not comfortable with going straight to the big chop. The only thing that really worked for me were cornrows and two strand twists. I had my last relaxer in May ’07 and I finally made it easier on myself Jan. ’08. Getting the actual big chop was a freeing experience but also a very scary one as well. I felt so much better honestly after I got all the relaxed cut off, I only wish I would have done it at the beginning.

last perm: May 2007
transition period: 7 months
BC: January 12, 2008
Hair type: 4a/4b (so far that I can tell)

My hair kinda took a break on growing or so I think but I could be wrong. Honestly I was just existing (with my hair that is) not really as attentive as I was when I first went natural. Busy, busy, busy… 😦

Out of all the trimming and massive cuts I have done on my hair over the past 8 years, I still maintain armpit length hair when straightened. Shrinkage was a beast so when wet it may have hung to my neck if I was lucky. LOL… Boohoo even if that’s considered as healthy hair, it still gets frustrating.

Changed the game after getting bored with the same old styles and took the plunge. I am officially dreaded or loc’d up. After so much back and forth, I made the huge decision and I am so happy I did. Should have, could have, would have… If I knew then what I know now, I would have made the decision then. Oh well and life goes on.

Let the growing game begin.

My hair goals: Healthy, manageable hair! 🙂