Naturally Me…

Let’s talk about hair, skin care, nails, and everything else that has to do with natural beauty.

I decided to go natural in July of 2007. I have always wanted to do it but I was very skeptical about how it would turn out. But after so many bad experiences with perms and all the chemicals that come with getting relaxed styles, my hair and I came to a conclusion that enough is enough.

I started out trying different transitional styles because I was not comfortable with going straight to the big chop. The only thing that really worked for me were cornrows and two strand twists. I had my last relaxer in May ’07 and I finally made it easier on myself Jan. ’08. Getting the actual big chop was a freeing experience but also a very scary one as well. I felt so much better honestly after I got all the relaxed cut off, I only wish I would have done it at the beginning.

last perm: May 2007
transition period: 7 months
BC: January 12, 2008
Hair type: 4a/4b (so far that I can tell)

My hair kinda took a break on growing or so I think but I could be wrong. Honestly I was just existing (with my hair that is) not really as attentive as I was when I first went natural. Busy, busy, busy… 😦 But I am really trying to get back into the swing of things so let the upcoming years begin here…

Out of all the trimming and massive cuts I have done on my hair over the past 6 years, I still maintain armpit length hair when straightened. Shrinkage is a beast so when wet it may hang to my neck if I’m lucky. LOL… Boohoo even if that’s considered as healthy hair, it still gets frustrating.

Let the growing game begin.

My hair goals: Wet Hair ~ Armpit length / Straightened Hair ~ Mid back length


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