About Me…

Kamil is the fun-loving, hard-working, laid-back, very opinionated complex mastermind behind the Kamil Experience. Through hard times, trying times, and happy times she is the voice of reason that is determined to find the silver lining in most situations. To alleviate stress and find an outlet away from everyday blase, she developed a love for blogging.

From random rants to testimonials, there are no topics that are off limits. Life experiences have taught Kamil crucial lessons and using this platform to share those critical thoughts could help someone who needs a word. Encouragement, uplifting, and an abundance of randomness is what Kamil plans to pour into this blog.

Your thoughts, prayers, critical criticism, and words of encouragement will be welcomed. There are no right/wrong answers, there are no off-limit topics. The Kamil Experience is an open platform to express feelings about life.