Monster Monday

The first Monday of the new year is off to an interesting start. Over the weekend, the internet has been buzzing about the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” and so many other life altering dilemmas. Though DH and I watched the series in its entirety, I must admit to being sickened to the point of banning his ish from my house. Every song on my playlists were deleted off Spotify, and I honestly felt disgusted with myself.

Sadly, I fell into the position that so many people resided, ‘that has nothing to do with me.’ Not to mention using the same words that others have, ‘I separate the music from the man.’ Well I was sadly mistaken by using that phrase and I was disturbed from the amount of mess this artist has kept up over the years. Hearing the amount of unfathomable things that he has done to others was sickening.

But though shall not judge…

I get it and I’m not judging, I am simply stating how I felt watching the series. NO shade for anyone who still has a problem with believing what was reported and how the story was told.

Opinions are simply words given from one persons point of view, it is not the gospel.

Moving forward, just call me a perpetrator because I am no longer a fan. Although honestly, I haven’t been a true fan for a while, I still held on to a few songs despite what was being said and I saw some incriminating things when the video was released way back when. (Don’t judge me, I was grossed out then too.)

But because of sentimental reasons, I held on to certain songs. Line dancing, stepping, songs, and other songs that described feelings, and emotions…but despite the happy thoughts or interesting breakups that go along with them for me–it was reported that they were attached to tragedy for some of the victims. Needless to say, they were DELETED!

No doubt, this series and the mess that follows R. Kelly will be a topic of discussion throughout 2019 and maybe even longer. Lord knows the in-depth discussion in my household is something else, I can only imagine how book club meetings, dinner parties, and so on will turn out. One good thing that I hope was discovered through this ordeal, we as parents, guardians, uncles, aunts, God parents, and so forth–we must talk to our young girls and boys about the predators that lurk in the dark.

We are so ready to throw caution to the wind and pretend there are no dangers in this world by assuming that we will always be there to stop bad stuff from happening. Don’t get me started with the delusional thought that “this can’t/won’t happen to my child.” Forget that mess, we need to quit handling our kids with kiddy gloves and so much caution that we shelter them from the real world. We are so determined to keep them from growing up too fast by knowing about certain things but we are really blinding/crippling them from accurately identifying possible dangers.

There is always a way to discuss certain things without being lewd or downright dirty. Wouldn’t you rather tell them the dangers in grave detail than for them to find out personally after its too late to save them?

Just my thoughts, what do I know? I was only one of the many young girls in the world that was blinded by the monsters that hid in plain sight. Once the darkness came, the boogeyman was the least of my worries and I was the one left asking what did I do to deserve this?

My thoughts, my opinions, and a common story that many choose not to acknowledge.

Be blessed Peeps,



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